You Oughta Know (Inbound Marketing)

This is a fun little video put together by HubSpot‘s Rebecca Corliss about inbound marketing vs outbound marketing. Her disturbed lamenting is set to the tune of Alanis Morissette‘s “Oughta Know.” It’s not the coolest, most impressively produced video – don’t worry about that. Yeah, it’s kinda corny and gimicky – don’t worry about that. 

As I watched, I thought – OK, how are they going to end this thing? What’s the call to action? I expected to see a URL. But, no. We are given a shot of somebody entering “inbound marketing” into a Google search bar. 

I had to do it. Sure enough – the top result is a post on HubSpot’s blog called Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing. I love the switchup from simply putting a URL at the end of a video. Plus, it completely proves the point that Corliss was making about the importance and potential of search. Well done : )


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    Wolfy said,

    that guy’s not even playing a real guitar!


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    Wolfy said,

    It’s clever for sure. But really they’re just search baiting with all those terms just like any of the SEO / marketing blogs. Interesting point Josh Rose brought up in his talk to the Ad Club yesterday. He showed a chart that plotted effectiveness of TV, Print and Radio(i think) when done alone and when done with web components. When combined with web the results were WAY better, but when web campaigns were done alone, the results were worse than the traditional media.


    In reality, when I get calls, cards, catalogs, mailings I disregard then, not because of the medium, but because of the message. I don’t need a bed bath and beyond coupon. I don’t want the Restoration hardware catalog. I don’t want to switch long distance because I make all my calls on my mobile. No amount of clever marketing is going to make their products useful to me.

    I do like the search thing at then end. That takes moxie. And it illustrates the fact that people search for what they want, nut who they want. Which makes SEO that much more annoying since it’s so easy to throw cash at it and get instant, and largely irrelevant, results.


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