20 Resume Tips in 20 Minutes

I was given 20 minutes to impart some resume wisdom upon the eager young learners in the Ad Club at the University of Nevada, Reno. So, I decided I’d give them 20 tips in 20 minutes. Here’s what I told them.


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    Kyle Rea said,

    Where was this 6 months ago when I was looking for a job? I really like it, nice work!

  2. 3

    Wolfy said,

    Mike, good presentation as usual. Damn, those were some good potato chips.


  3. 4

    I definitely could have used this before paying for GetInterviews.com to revise mine. However, it was well worth the cost. Here is my review and you will see just about all of your practices in play. One other thing I think that you can add to the presentation is that a one-page résumé isn’t the standard anymore. Two-pages are just as acceptable these days.

    • 6

      Mike McDowell said,

      Thanks for the feedback Will. You bring up a good point about the length of a resume. My philosophy is that you should try to communicate your merit in one page. Those who are reviewing/screening resumes may already not even get through one page and will likely just scan that to get a sense of who you are. If you make that first cut, your resume will likely be reviewed more closely. That being said, as you “climb the ladder” and gain more experience, or as you apply for a VP position in a company, you should expect to submit a resume that is multiple pages. It really is less about the length of the resume as the quality of the content. Being concise is an art and should be applied when writing a resume. As long as you give a clear impression about why you’re qualified, you’ll be OK.

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